DIY- Yes You Can!

Making your own penny whistle or modifying one you already own can be fun!  This information has been collected, tested and the fruit has been inspected! If you do use this, the sense of butterflies in your stomach, nausea or nervious twitch may occur.  This is normal and expected.  Fear not! 


There are many plans for building your own penny whistles and flutes on the web.  If these plans give you the itch, give them a try or seek other plans on the web.  Remember, cheap, easy and fun is a great combinations!  Some people use these plans to build whistles with their children, grandchildren and other people's children.  This is a great way to introduce them (and you) to music!



The Bloody Hand Penny Whistle



Robert McElroy’s

The Original (mostly) "Bloody Hand" Pennywhistle Tunable Set

The Bloody Hand Penny Whistle.pdf


Other websites which can help you learn:


A place to learn more about fingering and music reading:


A great place to see and hear many whistle models:


A place to learn new tunes, upload and share your tunes:


Too much to mention- You just have to see it yourself:


Of course, there is always Youtube!

Once you are there, many people have offered great videos

Learn To Play Penny Whistle Video Lessons




The Low-Tech Pennywhistle




The low-tech plans assume that you do not have a woodshop nor expensive tools to craft your whistles.  The author has demonstrated that some simple PVC tube and a little wood dowel can make your dreams of being a whistle maker come true!


This website was pointed out to me and it seemed quite good!  I tested the plans and proved that  they are completely doable with good success.  You can email me if you have any difficulty.  Please visit this website to see the original content.


To download the plan directly, click on this link:


 I will add more plans soon.  There are many ways to make whistles and other "flutes".  If you have questions or need ideas, please feel free to email me for help.