MY Stories

These are a variety of writings that I have done.                 


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A Salvation Testimony Poem

I wrote this poem a couple of years after I met Jesus. It came to me complete as I was mentally on a totally different subject. I wrote it down as fast as I could to get the thought down before I could forget it. It is a simple rhyme poem. I was considering passing out Gospel tracts during this time period and ended up doing so enthusiasticly.





A Word on Astrology

This subject often came up in conversation and I have personal experience with family members who have been in bondage to Astrology and the spirits involved. I wrote this paper to share some thoughts on the matter to help others who may not know the biblical position.





The Judgement

This is a fictional story that formed during my encounter with Missionaries of the Church of the Latter Day Saints (The Morman Church). I decided to research the claims and beliefs beyond what the young missionaries offered. I realized that there were discrepencies between the Biblical Christianity that I knew and the LDS point of view. I wrote this as a plea for their attention to be redirected to the Truth of God's Word.




These are a couple of ghost stories I wrote when we had a fire pit behind our home and our children wanted to do ghost stories around the fire.





The Gravel Pit

A cautionary tale for children. As children are sometimes cruel to each other, it is note worthy that not everyone holds a grudge. Sometimes, the underdog just wants to get noticed.





The Rustling Leaves

I am not an animal rights advocate but mankind is supposed to be a steward of the Earth. Careless hunting and hunting to the point of making a region barren of wildlife is senseless. When a hunter loses the morality of stewardship, you never know what can happen.

 I noticed some spelling and grammatical errors after posting these.  I will correct them as time allows. :-/