This was me in my early thirties.It may help others reconnect with me who remember this face.


Chris Miller.jpg?1350188148113


Here is a more curent image which illustrates what a good razor will do. I hear that science has done transplantation of pig organs into humans. All I need to do is get a pig to grow hair and I can have mine back!


I grew up in Detroit MI and there abouts. I have recenty moved to Tucson, AZ and work with  Tucson Electric Power. My expertise is automation controls and instrumentation.




 I married my wife, and have been in love with her for more than 23 years.



 I am a Christian. I have learned about God and His Son, Jesus. I want to share my discovery with you so please, click here to read about my encounter with God.



  I also have an AOL IM presence known as "The Pot Stirrer" This is an egotistical persona on an egroup that I participate in known as The Marriage Bed. Please feel free to contact me via IM using the buddy name: ThePotStirrer. This is my IM icon. If you see this while on Instant Messenger, abandon all hope of a serious conversation.